About AI Index

Like many people, Jay Casper has been studying ChatGPT and other AI tools intensively in recent months. Jay has been asking himself how he can use AI to supercharge his work and personal life.

As a digital marketing professional, Jay felt nervous about AI technologies, but also excited. He vowed to himself that he would learn the new technologies by using them. Jay tried to find a way to apply AI technologies to every task in his days.

Jay took extensive notes about each new idea he discovered. Soon he had collected several hundred techniques and ideas for using AI technologies in his business and in his personal life.

Realizing that a large number of other people must be working to integrate AI technologies into their lives, Jay decided to publish his notes in the form of this community repository: AI Index (aiindex.ai).

Please use the ideas on aiindex.ai to give yourself AI superpowers. Please add new ideas and help us spread the word by sharing and linking to us.

Thanks to all! Welcome to the rest of your life!